Orpha Froblom-Boggs

Orpha worked for California Lutheran Homes for over 30 Years. She was willing to pitch in wherever needed and is particularly remembered for her service as Marketing Director of Carlsbad by the Sea (CBTS) Retirement Community.  Orpha was fluent in Norwegian and a committed Lutheran.

Orpha was also an unofficial historian and she wrote the history on the Early History page.  Below is a link to vignettes that she wrote of CBTS residents which were published to showcase the attractions of living at CBTS.  There is also a link to early financial and planning documents for the "old" CBTS.

These are from a file which Orpha passed on for posterity shortly before her departure.

History and Lore of the CBTS Grand Piano

Early Pro Forma Analysis

1961 Planning Study 

Did you know?

Interesting Facts

Celebrating CLH's Dr. Steinhaus

Resident Vignettes