Resident Organizations and Resident Representation

 Section 1771.7 of the California Statutes, under the heading "Resident Rights/Resident Council," includes the following excerpts:

"(d) A continuing care retirement community shall maintain an environment that enhances the residents' self-determination and independence. The provider shall do both of the following:

"(1) Encourage the formation of a resident association by interested residents who may elect a governing body....

"(2) Establish policies and procedures that promote the sharing of information, dialogue between residents and management, and access to the provider's governing body."

Accordingly, Carlsbad by the Sea Retirement Community has a Residents Association to which all residents belong and a Resident Council chosen by the residents.

There is also a state and a national organization to represent resident interests dedicated to ensuring the fulfillment of the commitments made to encourage residence and to upholding the rights of residents to live their lives with dignity, respect, harmony and peace of mind.

At the state level the organization is the California Continuing Care Residents Association (CALCRA), although all residents are also automatically members of Aging Services of California which represents the provider's commitment to the support of the elderly.  CALCRA has a website at

The national organization is the National Continuing Care Residents Association (NaCCRA).  Both CALCRA and NaCCRA depend on member dues for their support.  NaCCRA has an educational and research facility at and an administrative website at

A video describing the benefits of membership in CALCRA and NaCCRA is below: