Oink Loves America


By the CBTS Intrepid Reporter

A stealth visit to check on Oink shows our fearless porcine dressed for celebration.


It was the night before the Fourth of July in the year 2014.  The year was notable as the 239th celebration of American independence, and the 200th anniversary of the Defence of Fort McHenry.  On that memorable occasion, exactly two centuries previous, Francis Scott Key found himself incarcerated on a British warship while the warship was attacking the Fort guarding Baltimore harbor.  He could only hope for the best, so imagine his joy when he realized that the Brits had fallen short and that the proud flag of independence still flew over the fort and its stalwart defenders.

A query revealed that Oink was inspired by the commemoration of that notable event when our flag became the evidence for our national defiance of British oppression.  Since then America and our American flag have stood as proud emblems of the hope that oppressed peoples everywhere may one day be able to achieve and maintain their freedom from those who oppress them.