Muriel Randolph


Did you ever see a dog bark for a bus to stop for him, let him on, go several blocks and let him off?            


This story was going around the Naval Air Station at Alameda, California, way back in 1949 when Randy was stationed there. 


“Whose dog is it?” people asked. 


Well, I knew, because our Airedale, ‘Roy’, was always into something.  We couldn’t keep him chained up.  He would get away and wander all over the place, drinking out of water fountains, stealing children’s toys from play pens and begging for candy. He even led a parade with Gregory Peck, the movie star.


One day I walked down to the Air Station’s Main Gate to see for myself what this dog was up to.  It was two o’clock in the afternoon and there he was at the bus stop.  The bus arrived, the door opened, he jumped on and so did I.  About a quarter mile along the route, he barked at the door, the bus stopped and let him off.  I, too, got off and followed him to the BOQ barracks. 


He knew exactly where he was going and at just the right time of day.  Out came the garbage bags from the kitchen to be dumped, but first a few ‘tidbits’ for Roy.  I questioned his friends and they said he was expected every afternoon.


He led an interesting life during his nine years and so did we.


* * *