Ray Jones


The current shipís newsletter, Princess Patter, is dated Sunday, 19 May 2002; but Iím sure it must be an illusion.


I think I have finally arrived in the long-sought fourth dimension.


I am outside the area covered by the Pacific Rim Television Satellite; cut off from live world TV communication.


Yesterday I was in a time zone designated Wellington, New Zealand, on my World Time Watch. Tomorrow Iíll be in a time zone marked Honolulu, Hawaii. Right now my watch location designation is blank.


I had been west of the 180th longitude, which was tomorrow. Now I am east of the 180th longitude, which is yesterday.


If this is yesterday, this canít also be today, can it? Where am I?


To consider my being somewhere between tomorrow and yesterday, I skipped the Sunday Brunch, assuming the present does exist, and went to the 12th deck Pizzeria for a Napoletana Pizza with all the good stuff on it.


I had a table looking out at a deep royal blue sea with an occasional white cap, the color of soft new snow. The pale robinís egg blue sky was accented with fluffy off-white clouds hanging over the horizon about twelve miles to the southeast.


Mesmerized by the environment, food and scene, it took nearly an hour to work my way through that delicious medium-sized pizza.


If Iíve left tomorrow and entered yesterday, and my watch says Iím nowhere, I could easily become accustomed to a lot of wherever it is that I am!