Valentines for Oink, Gregory and Teddy  

By Audrey Sargisson

(with a little help from Jackie Leigh Allen)  

Valentines’ Day brought surprises to our romantic duo Oink and Gregory.  Both received anonymous cards.  Oink had sent one to Gregory saying, “You’re a real party animal “(an obvious reference to their much publicized frolic on New Year’s Eve)  and ending with the suggestion, “Let’s pig out together".

Oink realized that it had to be Gregory who sent her one which said, “I go  Ape over you” but the sender of  one  with a handsome Teddy Bear on the cover  left her puzzled.   Unbeknownst to Oink a new neighbor had moved into a nearby apartment where Audrey lived. 

A month or so ago Audrey was making a purchase at Le Cage and Dallas was helping her.  He noticed that she had looked rather wistfully at a very handsome Teddy Bear and on impulse he bought it for her. 

Teddy was delighted to be adopted!  He had been so lonesome locked up in Le Cage—although he was taken good care of he had not eaten honey for weeks!  Now he had all the honey he wanted, and after a shampoo he looked like his old self again.   He was quite content to spend his days doing odd chores and reading the exploits of his famous ancestor Winnie-the-Pooh.  

However, once, when Audrey was out shopping, he turned on her computer and came across the story of Oink and Gregory and was swept off his feet when he gazed at the beautiful Oink.  He was too shy to simply go across the corridor and introduce himself and so he sent her a Valentine’s card.  

What will happen now—will Oink tell Gregory that he has a rival? Will Teddy pluck up courage and venture across the corridor and introduce himself.  Jackie Allen will be reporting on the intriguing lives of this threesome and, who knows, there may be more romances blossoming that until now we have been unaware of.  Watch this news page for updates—maybe you have a stuffed animal that is leading a double life!


* * *