The Resident Council survey originated in an effort by the Finance Committee to discover and to bring forward resident suggestions for inclusion in the Front Porch budgeting process as it affects the Carlsbad by the Sea Retirement Community.

Toward this end a pilot trial workshop was held in the course of which a number of opinions surfaced.  The Resident Council then realized that these opinions went beyond budget matters, though the budget and community finances are intrinsically involved with nearly all aspects of life at Carlsbad by the Sea.  The workshop also made evident that the workshop format was not the optimal forum for widely sampling resident opinion.

Accordingly, it was decided to circulate an opinion survey to examine the opinions that arose in the workshop to serve as a guide for the Resident Council as to how widely these opinions are held among the residents.

The results of the survey were summarized and presented to the residents at an assembly on August 12, 2009.  Since the budget process begins in the August to September timeframe this provides background on resident thinking as management begins its work on the budget.

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