Leona Bangsund, My Hometown

Leona Bangsund, Life in Plentywood

Frank Gift, Don't Get Mad…
Ray Jones, Destiny

Muriel Randolph, The Dog, the Bus, Where Else?

Betty Briggs, Crisis at Sea

Jack Hanser, A Dream

Ray Jones, The Day the Hose Broke

Darrington Byington, Disillusionment

Genie Jacobs, On a Scale of 1 to 10

Jean Wollam, Wrong Way

Leona Bangsund, Seattle

Beverly Gift, “Hi. This is Gary Stork, Executive Director of Carlsbad-by-the-Sea…”

Betty Briggs, A Favorite Cruise

Hugh Mohrlock, Cats in the Cabin

Genie Jacobs, Old Lady

Gladys K. Conrad, Trees

Nan Lemm, Where Flying Fishes Play

Jim Bivens, Humble Pie

Norman Racusin, Getting the Call

Don Harvey, Rocket Propulsion - The Apollo Mission

Jean Hough, A Golden Love Story

Nancy Smith, The Body Knows

Jean Ames, In My Chevy Automobile

Kit Clay, Jean - My First Playmate and Friend

Genie Jacobs, The Happy Hooker and Her Big One

Beverly Gift, When I’m an Old Woman…

Muriel Randolph, The Ghost in Anza Borrego State Park

Ray Jones, How to Mail a Postcard

Don Harvey, Snowbound

Betty Briggs, European Adventure

Hugh Mohrlock, Firecrackers and Wine Kegs

Muriel Randolph, Bomb Scares

Jean Miller, My Second Mother

Nancy Smith, The Four J's

Nan Lemm, All Alone

Kit Clay, Life in a Jungle Oil Camp

Hugh Mohrlock, A Saturday Drive in My First Car

Fran Lemm, Exotic Places

Mike Whitney, Kasem, the Warrior

Genie Jacobs, Ruth Uhlig -- The Pastor's Wife

Don Harvey, Under Four Hours

Betty Briggs, Missy Goes to Europe

Jean Ames, The Hot Potato

Fran Lemm, Was That Really Santa Claus?

Caroline Feder, The Beginning of Spring in China

Genie Jacobs, The First Christmas in Prison

Joyce Harvey, My Alaska Experience

Ray Jones, Nowhere

Kit Clay, Life in a Saudi Arabian Oil Camp

Nancy Smith, Getting There is Half the Fun???

Hugh Mohrlock, Fireball in the Sky

Nan Lemm, Good Neighbor?

Mike Whitney, Touched

Nan Lemm, Can This Be Me?

Corinne Holt Sawyer, Three Valuable Lessons from and Unusual Source

The Best for Last